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Claudiachavez 1000
Abalone Necklace
Beaded Heart
Beaded Pendant Necklace
Bright Necklace
Floral Nugget Necklace

Award winning jewelry designer Claudia Chavez, Santa Fe, NM, USA.

Claudia primarily sells her beadwork on Santa Fe's Historic Plaza through the City of Santa Fe's Juried Plaza Artisan Program. Her beadwork was featured in an exhibit at The Albuquerque Museum. She was awarded BEST JEWELRY at the 2015 & 2018 CONTEMPORARY HISPANIC MARKET art show.
All jewelry is designed and fabricated in her countryside Santa Fe Studio. Her signature Flower Garden Necklaces are graceful yet bold and can create a scene. Many people say they feel uplifted when wearing them and are the centerpiece of their outfit. Some pieces are limited or one-of-a-kind.

Please visit her at the Plaza when in Santa Fe - email for specific dates

"When you wear my work, I hope you receive the joy I experienced creating it."